Public Library of Évora

The Public Library of Évora, with its 200 years celebrated in 2005, was founded by the Archbishop Frei Manuel do Cenáculo, a powerful, generous and educated clergyman, one of the most prominent figures of the Portuguese Enlightenment.

Currently the Public Library of Évora is proud to be one of the oldest and richest libraries in Portugal, fact that is unquestionable as far as its collections are concerned.

The Public Library of Évora (BPE) simultaneously fulfils two missions: as a heritage and general research library, strives to collect, safeguard and disseminate a rich documentary heritage; as a public library, works to facilitate the access of the local community to education, information and knowledge, as well as recreation and leisure.

The BPE estate includes 664 incunabula and 6.445 books printed in the sixteenth century, as well as several cores of handwritten cartographic documents, printed music and more than 20.000 titles of periodicals. BPE has been a beneficiary of Depósito Legal, (Legal Deposit) since 1931, which has contributed to its richness and fullness in terms of current bibliography increasing its collections to more than 612 thousand volumes.


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