Remedios Convent

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Image of the interior of Remedios Convent.
​Following the remodeling of the Carmelite Order, the barefooted Carmelites settled in the 18th century in Évora, outside the fernandina wall, in front of the keep. The Church was sacred in 1614.

Due to its location, the Convent played an important role in the sieges of Évora: during the war of independence (May 1663), it was the scene of fighting between Castilians and Portuguese and in the 1st French Invasion (Loison), the Convent was occupied and looted (July 1820).

After the sacking, the extinction of religious orders and the nationalization of their property radically reduced the importance of the Convent. In the reign of D. Maria II, it was delivered to CME, as well as the enclosed fence, used as a public cemetery, a function that remains. After years of abandonment, the Chamber promoted important works of restoration at the end of the 20th century. In addition to the Department of Archeology, the Eborae Musica Group – which has been working in the Church to help preserve it – temporary and permanent exhibitions.
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