Casa Cadaval Art Gallery

The early palace dates back to the fourteenth century and was partly built on the site of the Roman-Visigothic walls of the old Castle of Évora, incorporating traces of both in its structure, visible through the fortified military contours of the building, as well as the imposing tower of the main façade, vestige of the castle. On the rear of the Palace, one can admire the extraordinary "Torre das Cinco Quinas", famous pentagonal tower that gives name to the palace.
The church and some of the rooms are open to the public throughout the year, exhibiting rare items: books, charters, arms, paintings, sculptures, furniture, porcelain, portraits and travel accessories, among other objects of value and major historical interest.​
Palácio Cadaval - Évora

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​Address: Rua Augusto Filipe Simões
Mobile: 967 979 763
Schedule: 10 am - 6 pm
Closed: Monday (all year​)
Admission: Normal ticket 7.00 € | Groups ticket + 20pax 4.00 €​