Church of Santo Antão

This church replaced the original chapel of St. Antoninho, commendation of the order of the Temple. It was built between 1557–63 by request of Cardinal Infante D. Henrique and the plant is attributed to the master Manuel Pires.

An austere front flanked by twin bell towers and open by three Mannerist portals. Inside, the trace is late Renaissance with hall church features. Interesting chapels decorated in polychrome mannerist and baroque-rococo carving, and tile panels of the 17 th century. In the main chapel: a baroque gilded altarpiece, and on the altar still remains the precious marble front, with the 14th century Apostolate, belonging to the original hermitage. According to tradition, in front of this church existed an outstanding roman arch, destroyed in 1570.

Praça do Giraldo (square)

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