Church and Convent of Nossa Senhora do Carmo

The first Convent of Nª. Sra. do Carmo in Évora dated 1531 stood next to Porta da Lagoa (outside) and was destroyed during the Restoration War (Guerra da Restauração ).

The current one in Baroque style dates from the end of the 17th century, standing where the former 16th century palace of the Dukes of Bragança was, of which some features remain. Outside the church, it is worth mentioning the Porta dos Nós (symbol of the House of Bragança), the staircase to the patio and the dome. Inside comprises a single nave of rectangular plan with six side chapels and a main chapel that boasts the largest dome in the city, features paintings from the Mannerist period.

The convent after the extinction of religious orders, was the object of several occupations, currently belongs to the University of Évora

Rua Dom Augusto Eduardo Nunes (Street)

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