Windmills of Alto de São Bento - Museological Unit

The Museological unit of Alto de S. Bento is a municipal educational project, which aims to enhance and save the natural and cultural heritage of this place: Alto de S. Bento. It is undoubtedly the most striking natural viewpoint in the city of Évora, due to the granite massif, precious flora and long history.
The Municipality of Évora undertook the restoration of the buildings - the windmills of Alto de S. Bento - whose original function had been exhausted for many decades, as well as of the surrounding space, and restaured its vitality and usefulness using the place for the implementation of a municipal educational project: a museological unit that took the name of the place. Thus was born the Educational Project of Alto de S. Bento, which includes the Museological Center of the Granite and the Museological Center of Floristics.

Alto de São bento

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