Woodworking Museum

Museu do Marceneiro

The Woodworking Museum- Museu do Marceneiro, from Évora's business "Galerias de Móveis São Francisco", was born from the desire to create and maintain a work scenario, connected to the art of working wood, from a collection of old tools, more or less used, or replaced by electrical equipment in the execution of the most diverse works, using wood.
Located in the heart of the historical center and inserted in the space of “Galerias de Móveis São Francisco", the Museu do Marceneiro is an exhibition space that seeks to preserve and share the history of a family business, thus also contributing to the history of the community.
With the Museu do Marceneiro, the Galerias de Móveis São Francisco aim to achieve two main goals: first, to collect and preserve tools used in the past; secondly, to research and display these tools to convey to future generations the spirit and attitudes of the traditional woodworkers , and carpenters, particularly, in Alentejo.
Associated with the Museu do Marceneiro, along with its current commercial and industrial activity, the Galerias de Móveis São Francisco have since January 2012 developed a series of play-learning activities, with the local community, namely children and young people, but also the elderly, seeking to promote intergenerationality as well.
Rua da República nº99 - 105 (Street)

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