Interpretative Centre of Évora Megalithism

The territory surrounding the city of Évora comprises a group of exceptional megalithic monuments, constituting the most relevant subject in terms of cultural tourism within the rural archaeological heritage. Monuments like the megalithic site of the Almendres or the Anta Grande do Zambujeiro, for example, the most visited, stand out in the megalithic panorama of the Iberian Peninsula and place the region of Évora among the most important European megalithic landscapes.

The renovation of the permanent exhibition centre goes beyond the preservation of the existing scientific contents, by the inclusion of information on the specific reality of the megalithic phenomenon, reinforced by new museological species and new means of interactive display that meet the growing interest of the public. This renovation is the result of a joint and multidisciplinary work between Évora Tawn Hall and the Direção Regional de Cultura do Alentejo and of the Laboratório de Arqueologia Pinto Monteiro at the University of Évora. The new unit also rely on the museological species provided by the Museum of Évora.
Convento dos Remédios, Av. S. Sebastião

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Convento dos Remédios, Av. S. Sebastião
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