Páteo de S. Miguel (Courtyard)

Páteo de S. Miguel (Courtyard) Paço dos Condes de Basto (Palace)

Páteo de S. Miguel (Courtyard)

​The Páteo de São Miguel sits in one of the most noble and strategic points of the city of Évora and for this reason, has been the object of several occupations throughout its history.
The first use of this space had essentially a defensive purpose, determined by its own location at the highest point of the city which hampered not only the access of the enemy forces in case of attack, as it allowed to dominate a vast area of the surrounding plain and to maintain eye contact with other fortifications. The space occupied by the Páteo de São Miguel, constituted a neuralgic point of the defensive structure of the city, reason why it was Moorish Alcázar and an integral part of the Old Castle of Évora.
Páteo de S. Miguel is an architectural complex that comprises:  the Paço dos Condes de Basto (Palace), the Eugénio de Almeida Archives and Library, the Carriages Collection and the Ermida of S. Miguel (Chapel). It is also home to the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation.

Paço dos Condes de Basto (Palace)

Although the origins of the Paço de São Miguel date back to the Middle Ages, few vestiges remain of the construction of this period, a result of the destruction following the clashes that occurred during the crisis of succession to the throne of 1383-85, between the party of Leonor Teles and that of João, Mestre de Avis, future king of Portugal.
The existence of this building as we know it today, in terms of heritage and architecture, is associated with the history of two families whose presence in  Páteo de São Miguel is separated by about five centuries:  the Counts de Basto (or Castro das Treze Arruelas) and the Eugénio de Almeida family.
The Paço dos Condes de Basto , built in the Roman-Visigoth period, was Moorish Alcazar and seat of the Military Order of S. Bento de Calatrava. Major figures of Portuguese history such as King Afonso Henriques, Nuno Álvares Pereira and the kings Sebastião, Filipe II and João IV, have been here. It has been classified as a National Monument since 1922.

Foto: Fernando Guerra

Páteo de São Miguel, Évora

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