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Palace Of Condes De Sortelha / Évora Tawn Hall

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​​​The Roman Baths of Évora will be built between the 2nd and 3rd centuries. They were discovered at the end of 1987, during the archaeological excavations in the oldest part of the town hall building, in Largo do Sertório. As any inhabitant of Évora could always predict, whenever there are excavations in the historical center there are more vestiges of the past.
Have these were the public baths of the city of the time. Possibly, also, the largest public building of Roman Évora. When speaking of Roman baths, it is important to realize that they played an essential role in the life of this people. Beyond the hygiene issue, the baths were places where citizens could talk, socialize and even negotiate.
The cities in which the Romans lived were composed of various services to guarantee the hygiene, cleanliness and comfort of its inhabitants. Hence their concern about water supplies. For this, they built aqueducts.
The Roman Baths of Évora in the Town Hall have an area of about 300 m2 and, like all Roman baths, are composed of three distinct areas: the Laconicum, the Praefurnium and the Natatio. The Laconicum, a circular room with ribbed and starched vault, covered with marble slabs, was used for hot steam baths. This was the room with the highest temperature. At its center was a large circular tank embedded in the ground, with three steps, surrounded by a heating system, the hipocaustum.
In the Praefurnium, a partially excavated space, one can see a furnace where the firewood would be burned to bring warm air, for example, to the hipocaustum of the laconicum. This served as a central heating system for water and air in the other rooms.
Natatio was a rectangular open-air swimming pool, surrounded by porticos. On the east side of the pool were the spa waters. It is thought that these waters were brought by an aqueduct of its own which possibly would have been the predecessor of the Aqueduct of the Silver Water. At this time, it is not possible to visit this pool.
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