Major Seminary

Nossa Sra. da Purificação College

It was founded by Cardinal Infante D. Henrique in 1577, outlined by the master Jerónimo de Torre and integrated in the university complex.
It is situated between the old and new fences, has an oblong plant, of severe exterior, is only ennobled, in the facade, by the porch of round arcaria, authenticated by the coat of arms of the founding prelate. In the interior, stands the cloister, the Aula Magna, the refectory and the chapel, much appreciated after 1854, the date of the Seminary's installation. In the building worked, between 1657-1760, the press of the Eborense University, that published works of cultural and scientific merit.
Largo dos Colegiais, Évora, Portugal

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Address: Largo dos Colegiais, Évora, Portugal​