Châteu Du Crêpe

The crepe, a word that comes from the French crêpe, derived from the Latin crispus, which means curly, is a type of pancake made from wheat flour, milk and eggs. The dough is prepared so that it can form a thin layer on the bottom of a frying pan just brushed with butter or other fat. The crepe is usually eaten after being enriched with some filling, which can be sweet or salty.
Château Du Crêpe is born of this history, a specialized and welcoming space that will bring to its customers a mixture of flavors.
Rua do Muro, 2D, 7000-602 Évora, Portugal

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Address: Rua do Muro, 2D, 7000-602 Évora, Portugal
Mobile: +351 914 584 339

Capacity of the Establishment: 67 places