21 August 2014

Municipal Executive

Executive body of the Municipality, composed by the Mayor and 6 councillors.


The Municipal Executive of Évora is ​composed by the Mayor and 6 councillors, one of which is appointed Vice-Mayor. Its the executive body of the Municipality elected by the citizens registered in Évora.

Mayor of Évora
Carlos Manuel Rodrigues Pinto de Sá (CDU)

Responsible for:
General Coordination
Institutional and External Relations
General and Financial Administration
Economic Development and structural projects 
Planning and auditing 
Public Safety

Élia Maria Andrade Mira (CDU)

Responsible for:
​Education, social ​action and health 
Évora, Educating city
Youth and sports

Eduardo Jorge Pratas Fernandes Luciano (CDU)

Responsible for:
Spatial Planning, Urbanism and Private​​ Construction Works
Environment and Public Space
Historic Centre, Heritage, Culture and Tourism
Communication, information and Public Relations 
Municipal Supervision

João Manuel da Horta Rodrigues (CDU)

Responsible for:
Municipal Construction Works, Maintenance and Assistence 
Water Supply and Sanitation
Municipal Veterinary Services
Civil Protection

Silvino Luis das Neves Costa (PS) 

Cláudia Sousa Pereira (PS)

Paulo Jorge Pires Jaleco (PSD)